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Hey There!
I'm Mary.


A little about me...


I'm so glad you're here.



My Life //


Alaska is home for me and probably always will be. I was born and raised here in Alaska, and am currently based in Palmer!


My partner, Phillip, and I just recently made the transition from full time vanlife (after 7 years!) to full time cabin life! We completely designed and built our cabin ourselves in summer 2023. 

In my free time, you'll often find me skiing (downhill, bc, xc), hiking, biking, and just being outside. I also love cozying up at a coffee shop or brewery. My favorite types of food are Thai and Japanese. My partner and I take pride in stocking our freezer as much as we can each year with meats and salmon we've harvested ourselves. One of our goals is to have a veggie garden next summer also! MCM design has my heart, and I'm a huge supporter of other small business owners + creators.

My Art //

In 2019 I received my Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography & Ceramics. Photography really holds my heart because of the emotional pull of documenting life's most tender moments, as well as the opportunity to create uniquely captivating imagery within them.

I am passionate about empowering people, particularly women, through creating art that makes both the model and viewer feel something. I believe art is supposed to push boundaries and bloom emotion in the viewer. 

My focus & passion are in both portraiture and elopements. I have an undying love for high fashion and editorial aesthetics, and at the same time, when it comes to elopements and weddings, I embrace a more documentary and candid-storytelling approach.

Our Experience //

I can equally be your hype girl at our portrait session, or the calming presence on your wedding day, a fly on the wall, capturing your day as it unfolds naturally and candidly. Our connection will flourish if you have a passion for emotive, storytelling imagery, a discerning eye for aesthetics and art imagery, an appreciation for the outdoors, and a sense of adventure to explore off the beaten path in pursuit of that perfect shot.

Each shoot is unique, and I strive to create a beautiful product that is representative of my clients and models, with a touch of fine art. 

ALL are welcome here



Palmer, Alaska
& anywhere you are!
Travel Welcome. 


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