Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do we book you? 

A: If you know the date you want to shoot on, or have your wedding date in mind already, just go to the Book Not button and check my availability, and book it! OR send me an email, message me on social, or text me! I have all my contact info on the About page. 

     From there, we will pick a date for your session or discuss my availability. Once we decide to move forward with your session or wedding, I'll have you sign my contract, and pay a deposit for weddings! 

Q: Weddings! All the questions! 

A: For weddings, please check out my pricing and packages and then reach out to me about my availability! 
     If I have your date available, then we can talk about your wedding more, preferably through an in-person consultation, or email, or whatever works best for you.

     Then to book, you'll need to fill out my Client Agreement form (under "agreement" tab) and pay the deposit; and you're all booked! 

     The deposit is non-refundable and will come out of the total package cost. The rest of the amount will be due anytime before the wedding. 

     We will meet up in person again about a month to a week out from your wedding to hash out the details of the day, times, locations, when I need to be where, etc.

     I would also love to attend your rehearsal if possible! It helps me to get a scope of the location, lighting situation, etc, before hand! 

Q: For Portraits and Couple sessions, should we do the full hour session, or the Mini session?

A: What is your comfortability in front of the camera? What is your budget? If you are a bit more on the camera-shy side, sometimes the one hour session can be nice to give you some time to warm up to the idea of being photographed! Alternatively, if you're totally cool with having your photo taken, the 1 hour session is nice because it can just be fun to shoot for longer, and get a wider variety of shots! The one hour session also offers a bit more time to be flexible with our location, allows for things to not feel so "rushed" and can also allow time for multiple outfit changes if you like! The 30 minute session is great if you have a tighter schedule, or just want to "get it done." It's great for people who also might just need less photos, are a bit more low-key, or if you're just trying to save some money but still want to have professional photos taken! So there's something for everyone in both sessions!

Q: When & How do we get the photos?

A: For weddings, my turnaround time is 4-8 weeks, though I will most likely get your images to you in time for your one-month anniversary! 

     For portraits, couples, families, events, etc, I will get the photos to you within two weeks or less. 

     For events that need a shorter turnaround time, just ask! I will do what I can. 

I will make you a customized, personal, online gallery and send you a link to it via the email you provided in the Client Agreement.

    From there, you will be able to download all the images at high quality, and order prints to be shipped to you as well. 

Q: Do you offer albums?

A: I do offer something similar to the classic album, though different. I offer wooden photo boxes, that holds twenty-five 5x7 hand printed images, for an additional $120, added onto your total cost. I do also offer regular wall prints, which can be ordered through the online gallery of your images. 

Q: Senior Portraits. Can parents come?

A: I would actually prefer if family and friends didn't come to senior sessions. Having your photos taken can be awkward for a lot of people.

    I like to develop a friendship with my seniors and help them feel the most comfortable to get the most genuine photos.

    This can be difficult when there are parents or family members watching in the background or constantly readjusting the shot, even if they're just trying to help. 

Q: What should we wear to our session?

A: Anything you want! Whatever you feel comfortable in. I always lean towards neutrals, earth tones, jewel tones, flowey dresses, textured fabrics, and layers! And for the love of all that is aesthetic, please don't wear logo/graphic t-shits! 

Q: Can we bring our pets to our Couple, Senior, or Family session? 

A: Yes of corse! So long as they're nice! But please let me know beforehand just so I can be mentally prepared! 

Q: I lost my download link/the images after I downloaded them and the link is no longer available. What now?

A: Your gallery will only be available online for a limited amount of time. Six months for weddings, 1-3 months for everything else. After then, your gallery will be removed from the site to make room for future clients.

To avoid loosing your photos, please download them a few times in a few different areas. And don't forget to order all your prints before the link expires too! 

If you would like me to re-upload your gallery after it has expired, I accept a $50 flat fee for re-uploads. It takes away space on the site for my current galleries! 

Q: What if I just want ONE photo? How much will that cost?

A: I don't charge by the amount of photos I give you. I charge by the amount of time I'm there. After you factor in the amount of time it takes to get the ONE photo, (driving time to the location, shooting time, downloading all the images, sorting, culling, picking out the good ones, narrowing it down to the ones to edit, editing, uploading to your gallery, and sending it off), it really doesn't matter weather I give you one photo or thirty. It will still take the same amount of time because I will have to go through all the images I take anyways. That's why I charge by hourly instead of by image.